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Since 2006, I have been a teacher. My experience includes both

community college and four-year university, and now, high school. 

Northwest School of the Arts

Beginning Fall 2022: Classes include:
- Marketing

- Marketing Applications

- Project Managment

Fayetteville Technical
Community College

Beginning Fall 2021: Classes include:

- Anatomy

- Embalming II

Tulane University:
A.B. Freeman School of Business

From Spring 2015 through Summer 2016:

Classes included:

- Consumer Behavior

- Marketing Fundamentals

Loyola University of New Orleans

From Fall 2008 through Spring 2015:

Classes included:

- Campaigns

- Competitive Ad Team

- Copywriting

- Media Planning/Buying

- Research

Virginia Commonwealth University

From Fall 2006 through Spring 2007:

Class included:

- Introduction to Advertising

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